Adventures in learning Spanish: Netflix is my homeboy.

Adventures in learning spanish


I’ve been watching a lot of series on Netflix lately, this is one of the drawbacks when you start a new job, haven’t received your first pay cheque and you have no money to actually do anything fun. But so it actually counts as study time I’ve been watching with the Spanish subtitles on; I thought this would be a good way to help learn some new Spanish and improve my vocabulary etc. Boy, was I wrong. The subtitles do not reflect what is being said at all.

There are obviously reasons for this, English, especially English in a TV series is incredibly colloquial and slangy and really doesn’t translate well. Imagine trying to translate, “That’s fan-freaking-tastic”. That translates to “fan-maldita-tastic“. This is a bad example but you see what I mean. To directly translate a lot of things just doesn’t make sense in the end run but it makes it hard to try and learn anything because it’s so different from what you are hearing.  But on the other hand, Spanish speakers like the Chilean reading the subtitles and hearing the English also get confused because the Spanish subtitles are much more simple than the English audio.

That said, the subtitles are 100% more preferable that the dubbed video though. As well as the jokes not translating well the voices are terrible too. But I am impressed with my listening skills, one day the Chilean put on the TV while I was still trying to sleep a bit and not watching. From just listening to the Spanish language dubbing I was able to get that he was watching Futurama AND I was even able to get what episode (Amazons in the Mood) it was before turning to watch. Maybe this speaks more about my Futurama obsession than my advances in learning Spanish, that from listening to 30 seconds of audio in another language that I was able to guess what the episode was. Oh by the way, Snu-Snu in Spanish is Snu-Snu.  Hmmmmm….Who knew.


Peace K xx


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