Should women travel alone? 



The short answer is OF COURSE WE F**KING SHOULD!!!

The world needs to wake up and realize that we are people too. People in 2016. This is not 1835. We are not wilting flowers waiting for our prince to save us. We are strong and independent.
Yes, maybe there are certain factors that make women more prone to getting unwanted attention in certain parts of the world but this isn’t our fault. We don’t intentionally seek out uncomfortable situations. Other people create them because they believe that we are there for their entertainment or pleasure. But guess what…. We aren’t!!

I hate people asking me if I feel safe traveling by myself. Yes, I do. Because I’m an adult with common sense. I get there are a lot of people who don’t have common sense when traveling but this is not only reserved for women. Guys do stupid things all the time but it’s generally put down “boys being boys” or “they are just having a bit of fun”. They never face the scrutiny or pressure we women travelers do.
This is a great article from The Guardian which puts it better.

Peace Kxx

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