More adventures in learning Spanish 

Me and the Chilean are at his parents for the weekend, getting  out of the city for a bit. We were supposed to be having a pool weekend but the weather is angry at us for some reason and it’s cold and cloudy. But there are still plenty of adventures to be had here, like an encounter in the kitchen between the Chilean’s mom, grandma and myself.

His mom is preparing lunch like every day and it’s a huge deal. I’m not complaining, she’s a great cook and I love food but every day it’s this big event. Imagine in The Nightmare before Christmas when the residents of Halloweentown have their big “This is Halloween” number and it’s a town wide production and when they finish the Mayor says “Ok folks. Same time tomorrow”. It’s kind of like that here.

So I was standing in the kitchen and his mom is running around and his grandma is shuffling around- she’s 89 and does more stuff than most of us. And then his mom stops to show me the vegetable peeler and asking about my peeler. I think this is because the Chilean sliced his finger pretty badly on our peeler the other day…. I think. Then his grandmother shows me another peeler “which is better for potatoes”. And this is all in Spanish which I barely speak and kind of understand. Well I mean, I can understand “verduras” and “papas” and the peeling motion.

So they might have actually been asking me to peel potatoes and I like a jerk just ran away to write this post.
Peace K xx

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