Can you just quit? 

homesickI’m having a hard time in Chile at the moment and it’s bringing on all these, “Do I still want to do this traveling thing?” feelings. I love that I am here with my boyfriend, there are no regrets in that respect, it’s just that I’m not feeling Santiago. It’s too big. It’s too dirty. It’s too loud and crowded without any of the extra fun stuff that makes putting up with the loud, crowded mayhem. When I got here I imagined it was going to be developing worldy and in parts it is but not in the right parts. It’s expensive trying to be developed but with a developing country mindset. Nothing works. And that used to be fun for me but now it’s just grating and frustrating. I’ve been living in various countries overseas since 2012 and of course I’ve had “Argh this place moments” but they passed. Santiago is the first place I’ve been where I really want to just pack it all in and go home…..wherever that is. Maybe. But could I just quit this life of mine? I don’t know. I tried but I managed about 4 months is Victoria before wanting to leave again.
We’ve been talking about going back to Europe. We both have dual citizenship with an EU country so it makes it a lot easier to move there. I’m stuck in this strange place between wanting adventure and living in “You live where??” places and a normal place where everyday isn’t a big hassle. Again I ask can you just cold turkey quit traveling or living overseas???

Peace K xx

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