2016 Reading Challenge. Book 8: A book that made you cry, The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. 

I’ve started doing my reading challenge a little differently now. I’m reading books then finding the category for them. On my e-reader it’s too much effort to go online and search for the synopsis for every nook to know what topic is best. Maybe it’s cheating, but it’s my challenge my rules. 

I read The Nightingale in two days. This book is right in my wheelhouse for fiction, women doing amazing things in the Second World War. 

Set in France at the outbreak of the Nazi invasion of France, the story follows two sisters doing what they have to overcome the threat of the invaders taking away everything they believe in. As I said before I’m a history buff, I studied history at university and I wrote my university thesis on the Canadian Home Front during the Second World War, I love people’s stories. I get that The Nightingale is a fictional account about two women in France but it gives such an insight into what extraordinary things ordinary women did during the war and then forced to return to their normal lives.  

In the scene that made me cry, the main character, Vianne is recounting a tale to her grown son who just found out what amazing things his mother and aunt did in the war and asked her why he’s never heard about any of this before from her or history, she says, “Men tell stories…women get on with it…there were no parades for us when it was over, no medals, no mention in the history books. We did what we had to do during the war, and when it was over, we picked up the pieces and started our lives over again”. 

Just reading that again has made me well up. It’s such a sad but true sentiment. 

Like some other books on the list so far it has some quite hard passages to read, it’s Nazis what do you expect? But I recommend The Nightingale 100%. 
Peace Kxx

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