The rise of the ESL teacher.

I’m a member of this foreigners in Chile group in Facebook and I am really sad about the amount of people who are coming here to be English teachers, not only that but the amount of people whose ads asking for jobs and info about employment have grammar and spelling mistakes.

Okay, I get that in theory this isn’t a hard job. In theory, you speak English and people copy you. But being able to do it in a way that isn’t boring and makes the student want to die is different. It is more difficult.
For me this is my job now. I take it seriously. I work really hard when I am doing it. And maybe I’m right or wrong in thinking this, maybe I am a hipster English teacher and “I was doing it before it was cool”, but I think it’s kind of sad that people just think that because they can speak English they can teach it. I get that people see it as an easy way to live abroad and earn money, hell, I mean I did when I first started but then I fell in love with it.

I don’t know. As I said, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am being an elitist or a snob?


Any thoughts?

Peace, Kx


7 thoughts on “The rise of the ESL teacher.

    1. I really think there need to be better regulations. An unqualified teacher would never be allowed into a regular classroom, why are they allowed into an ESL classroom?

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I cringe seeing jobs that advertise English classes when the grammar in those adds are horrible. It takes all my strength not to comment correcting their every mistake. Usually its only 2-3 sentences (with 2-3 errors) and people get upset when companies ask for only native English speakers.

    1. I don’t even mean from institutes, a lot of institutes have local admin staff but still get a teacher to look it over. I’m talking about freelance teachers advertising for students and the ad is “I’m a native speaker. I can teach you”. Really?? You can?? I have a friend who is a high school drop out who walked into a job in Colombia because he’s a native speaker. The guy can barely write coherent sentences on Facebook. God help those students. He was like I print something off and give it to them.

      1. Okay. Sorry. Sometimes I get really full on about this. It really bothers me. Hahaha. Yeah. I don’t have a problem with non native speakers if they can do a better job than the gringos on vacation working for beer money. Haha.

  2. A lot of people just teach to travel. I did when I started out, but I also fell in love with it. I think the industry as a whole are full of ‘teachers’ who want to escape their countries for a while and have a bit of a laugh, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If they can teach some people English and encourage people to learn more, then I don’t see any harm. The problems start when people work in an academy and don’t really pull their weight and leave the mess for the more experienced ones to clean up.

    Great blog by the way.


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