Reading Challenge: Books 4, 5,6 and 7



Reading Challenge 2016


I’ve been a bit distracted lately and I forgot to do the last few reading challenge updates so I am bulk-posting them.


Book 4, A book you can read in a day:

A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Lucy Bird


So I am going to start this off by admitting that I didn’t read it in a day. It’s about 150 pages and it took me about 4 days to read. I had a really hectic schedule and was working late so didn’t really feel like reading.

Isabella Bird is a hero of mine. She travelled the world when women really weren’t supposed to do stuff by themselves, let alone travel the world. Of course she had money and status which generally helped her along the way but she still did some totally kickass stuff. In Rocky Mountains, she travels to Colorado in 1873. The book is a series of letters that Bird wrote to her sister. There a host of pioneering, Wild West characters who cross Isabella’s path, probably the most memorable is Mountain Jim, a figure of almost mythic proportions, who I childishly believe that Isabella had a huge middle age crush on.


Book 5, A book that scares you:

A Headful of Ghosts by Paul Trembley


Although the premise is “Is Merry’s sister possessed by a demon or just a disturbed teenage girl?”, this book touches on so many other themes  than just that broad sweep of the horror brush. The story is told by a now adult Merry recounting the story to a journalist. I don’t want to say anything else except I really recommend this book. It’s not overly scary but there are some seriously creepy moments that make me happy that I was reading it and not watching a movie. Apparently it scared Stephen King though, maybe there is something wrong with me?


Book 6/7, A book and it’s prequel

The 100 and The 100: Day 21 by Kass Morgan


I cheated again and chose a book and it’s sequel. Ooops. I chose these books because my friend and also my sister got me hooked on the tv show version of The 100. If you haven’t watched the show I fully recommend it but this isn’t the point. The books are.

I wanted to see how different they are the from the show. The answer is VERY. There are characters of the same names who are sent from their space station orbiting the Earth after a cataclysmic event destroyed life on the planet back to the ground to see if it is survivable. That’s it. The main idea is the same and so far that’s it. I’m going to go out and say that I like the story on the Earth better in the show but I enjoy the story of the Ark (the space station) better in the book. There are more details about what life was/is like for the survivors of the ‘Cataclysm’ and their descendents. I’m all about a good world building back story. I’m still waiting for my Potterverse prequels about Lily and James. YOU HEARD ME J.K.!


Peace, K xx

4 thoughts on “Reading Challenge: Books 4, 5,6 and 7

  1. Love this! Can you pass along the full list of challenges please? I have a Google Doc of books to read and when I finish a book I bold it and drag it to the top so I feel accomplished. I also have a list of books I recommend on my blog with my own summaries, feel free to check that out for inspiration!

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