Book Challenge 2016: Book 3

Book 3 in the book challenge was “Girl at War” by Sara Novic.  The story starts in Zagreb in the early 90’s and follows the story of 10 year old Ana as she learns to deal with issues brought into her life by the Croatian War for Independence and subsequent wars and battles in former Yugoslavia.

Novic, through the eyes of child Ana, does a good job ‘dumbing it down’ for readers like myself. Of course I know the names of the places and had a vague understanding of the conflicts mentioned in the book but this is not an area that I have any expertise on and I frequently found myself going to Wikipedia to do further research into a conflict that spanned a lot of my childhood.

Girl at War touches on some really horrible themes but it’s written in a very sympathetic way. It’s not a difficult book to read.


Peace, K xx

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