Book challenge 2016

Hi guys, 
Sorry I’ve been awol for the last little bit. Nothing very interesting has been happening lately. I could tell you about my days at work but I don’t think that’s very interesting. Maybe I’m wrong. Let me know. 

Well a resolution for 2016 is branching out on my book genres;  you can only learn so much from Lonely Planet and travel books. I’m entering in a reading challenge and hopefully going to pick up some new interesting authors in the meantime. 

This is the challenge that I am doing. I’m sorry I can’t give anyone their dues for compiling the challenge list as I just Google image searched for reading challenge. 

Okay, here goes and if any readers want to join in, please do! The more the merrier. Comment on the posts or Facebook page. I’m also updating on Instagram @fergk .
Peace and happy reading


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