Travel Far, Travel Fast’s first official review: Dungeon Pub

Welcome to the Dungeon

I’m not really one for doing proper reviews on here. Mostly, I use the my blog to tell stories and hope that people read them. Today is a little bit different. I am writing a review! *gasps from the crowd*. I finally found a business that I feel like I have a duty to promote on Decidedly Tookish.

After a rainy barbecue in the Carpathian foothills surrounding Bratislava (don’t worry this will be another post), we decided to ditch the storm and cold for a nicer warm pub in the city. There was much discussion on the bus about where to go and should we get off here or here or here until someone spoke up about a pub she’d heard of after searching groups and clubs in Bratislava. She had been ‘stalking’ someone who plays QUIDDITCH! Yes, you read that correctly.Yes, Quidditch is now a sport people play and yes, Bratislava has a Quidditch team. I’m just going to say now that if this sentence didn’t make you clap your hands with gleeful but slightly maniacal laughter you should probably stop reading now. In the Facebook stalking of this poor unsuspecting guy, who should really have better security settings to be honest, she found out that Bratislava has a pub called, “Dungeon Pub”.

How could we resist? 

The entrance ls down a dark and quite uninviting alleyway and the stairs down to the basement pub really don’t really do it justice but when I got down there I was more than pleasantly surprised. It’s a paradise. The bar is separated into two main areas; the first is complete with sofas, big screen TVs and Playstation 3s and the second is the main bar area with sturdy wood tables and comfy couches. The decor of the pub is also something to talk about. Every table has it’s own wall map of a fantasy world; Middle Earth, Westeros etc or an emblem/logo from another book for movie series. I’m sad that we ended up sitting at the map from the Witcher series and not the Hogwarts table. I’m a Potterhead.

In the hallway there is a whiteboard with an events calendar, sadly I don’t speak Slovak so I can’t tell you what the events are but something looked like the word quiz so I am going out on a limb and saying that they have a pub quiz of some kind. The three-quarters of the whiteboard NOT taken up by the events calendar was completely covered in a variety of doodles, most of a varying degree of nerdiness. What else would you expect really? One co-worker commented that if  the board was in an English pub it would simply be covered in drawings of penises and the occasional naked lady. Slovaks are a classier breed apparently. The bar itself has a good selection of beers on tap and bottles. I’m a beer girl so I didn’t really look at much of the drinks menu but my friend who has lived in Bratislava for the last two years was really excited about their spirits and the fact that they had a few local Slovak spirits to sample. I started off with what was translated by a Slovak speaking English friends as ‘honey beer’ and promptly corrected by the server as ‘kind of mead’. If I am not wrong, I think mead is or will be the hipsters new drink of choice. You read it here…possibly first folks. It was warm and sweet something that I desperately needed after spending all day on a rainy hill in the forest waiting for my sausage to cook. It was definitely a one time drink as I can imagine the sweet taste getting a bit much after a while. The servers, like most people in Bratislava, speak ‘a little English’ which in reality means even the lowliest supermarket employee would be able to explain particle physics or advanced Runeology to us native English speaking Squibs. Sometimes I feel as if my job isn’t really needed here at all.

Even though it was about 8 pm on a Saturday evening, the pub was relatively quiet. We were able to talk and play our table drinking games without shouting to be heard while other groups and couples quietly played board games around us. Oh, did I mention the huge selection of board games on offer next to the bar? Some of the tables had reservation signs on them so I guess if you really want a table with your friends call ahead but the 8 of us had no issues getting a table.

If you are visiting Bratislava- nerd or not- I recommend a visit to the Dungeon Pub.

Stefianikova, 14


Peace K.

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