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I’m reblogging the original post today in remembrance of Alex.

Travel Far, Travel Fast

I don’t know if I am even going to post this or if I am just writing it for my own cathartic release, but one of my good friends in Bali died on Monday. 

She died in a very Bali way- a motor bike accident. 

The people that we worked with are all in shock; our friends are devastated and I am sure that her family are beyond any feelings that they every imagined themselves feeling. And selfishly, all I can think about is I wish I was there, I wish I was in Bali with my friends, with people who are feeling the same way that I am right now. My friends in Australia are good, they are supportive and say the things that one is supposed to say in a situation like this but they are not the right things. 

People who don’t travel, don’t really understand the…

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