Some banking related pun.

Today I (finally) set up an Italian bank account. My new job actually pays us like it’s 2015. No more cheques and subsequent wads of cash laying around the place. Although on some level I will miss the wads of cash; they made me feel like a total gangsta. I am totally disregarding the fact that the wad of cash was all the money I had for the month and I couldn’t spend it on things like hookers and blow or a diamond studded leash for my tiger. Okay okay…I am totally overestimating what I could have bought with my paycheque.

But back to the topic at hand, I set up an Italian bank account. And I did it using only Italian! I feel that this is a defining moment in my Italian adventure. I am a firm believer in celebrating small victories. Most of us will have one maybe two HUGE victories in our lives so I love the small stuff. Those tiny moments that don’t really mean anything in the fabric of your life but for that moment make you feel 100 feet tall.

My new Italian account brings my international bank account count up to 6- Canada, 2 in the UK, Indonesia, Australia and Italy. Some days I feel like a spy….a really bad spy who uses her real name and identification to set up said bank accounts. I should work on that. This is one of the things that people don’t warn you about when you start nomadically living abroad. That you have to do the same shit over and over again. You need to get a bank account, you need to set up a phone, you need to do crappy tax paper work. I’m sure there is some way I could centralise my life but I’m not sure that I would want to. There’s something immensely satisfying about looking into my wallet and seeing all these different bank cards tracking my life around the world. I mean I don’t use the Indo or Australian one anymore. Those are clearly just for show as I have little to no money in accounts.

Actually in most of my accounts I have little to no money. I gotta get paid.


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