On the road again.


Keeping in line with my innate inability to stay in one place for any length of time I’m picking up sticks and moving north to Turin.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Naples the city. In the past 5 1/2 months living here I haven’t had a whiff of the ‘trouble’ people warned me of when I told them I was coming to Naples. The conversation usually went something like this:

Me: I got a job in Naples

Friend: Are you sure you want to go there?

Me: Yes, of course

Friend: Well watch out. It’s dangerous.

Me: Have you been there?

Friend: No, but I’ve heard……

Me: *In my head- slaps them across the face and tells them to shut up them and they know nothing* in reality I smile nicely and say Well you know everywhere has it’s problems. I’m not going to let that stop me.

Seriously, there is no more trouble in Naples than there is in other big cities. If you act like a dickhead then you will be treated like a dickhead, this will happen in Naples, London, New York, Bangkok, Vancouver……well okay maybe not Vancouver. If you act like a dickhead in Vancouver most people will just smile politely assume you’ve had a bad day and offer a you a hug. Everyone I’ve met in Naples has been more than willing to help if you have a problem or need directions etc.  Everyone with the exception of Vomerites. People in Vomero -the upper middle class neighbourhood I live in- are the exact opposite of people in Naples proper. They’ve spent so long climbing and clinging to the social ladder that they’ve left any sense of hospitality or social appropriateness down at the bottom rung. Up on the hill if you want to escape the judging looks do not leave the house looking anything less than perfect or done up in your Sunday best even if it’s Wednesday morning. The only troubles I’ve had in Naples were with these ‘proper people’ on the hill from the civilized neighbourhood. I’ve been cheated, ripped off and made to feel like I am not good enough to live here. As my friend said, When people told you to look out for being robbed in Naples no one tells you to look out for middle class middle aged people hiding behind dubious contracts and respectability.

I’ve been cheated out of money and hours at my job by ‘technicalities’ and like February just plain and simply they forgot to pay me. Tell me, if this sounds like a place that you want to work for? They made promises of so many hours at work and  I was getting less than half of the promised hours. I was expected to live on less that 200 euros a month after rent. Yeah, okay. In theory it’s enough money to live on if you are okay sitting in the house and eating dry pasta. I AM NOT!

I am moving north to Turin. I’ve had enough of scraping by and working shitty hours. My friend- who worked at Inlingua for a week before leaving for Turin asked me if I wanted a job at her new school and I jumped at the chance. I don’t know what this new school will be like- it might be better, it might be worse or it might be about the same but I needed to go. I needed to leave the school before I went mental and killed everyone in the vicinity. I don’t want to be that person. I don’t know about you but someone who goes crazy and murders all her coworkers isn’t how I want to be remembered.

The fact that I am moving up north means that I have to pack again. I hate packing. I just seem to unintentionally accumulate crap if I stay stationary for any length of time. I mean some of it’s necessary and I will totally need it in Turin, like sweaters. Spring might have sort of sprung in Naples but looking at the weather in Turin I’m going to need those sweaters for a few month weeks/months. Some of the accumulation is not necessary but I kind of want it, like the pillow that I acquired after a short relationship with a guy in the US Coast Guard. He hated the pillows at my house which is fair enough because the pillows at my house are TERRIBLE! So he brought….*stole* a pillow from the hotel and left it here. I swear this thing is made from angel’s feathers or something. It is literally the best pillow I’ve ever used. There is no way that I am leaving it here for Crazy Palmieri. I do seem to have a lot of stuff though. It’s stressful. I’m so happy that trains don’t have luggage weight limits.

Moving again also means that I have to say goodbye to new friends that I made here in Naples. It sucks to say goodbye to people. You’d think that I’d be good at it now but I’m not. I know I’ll meet new people/friends; I always do. Saying goodbye- or even smell ya later- to people that you have a developed a friendship with is still hard whether it’s the first time or the fifty-first. Leaving never gets easier.

Okay I’ve had enough of a break from packing. I’ll write again from Turin probably.

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