It’s officially nippy, so say my nips….


“But you’re from Canada” is a phrase I hear too often when I complain about the cold. Yes, I realise that I am from Canada, I hadn’t forgotten, thanks. But it doesn’t mean that I like the cold. Okay….that’s a lie. I do like the cold. I appreciate the cold. I do love the brutally cold but bright clear days. I like the cold in Canada. Canada is prepared for the cold. The houses have proper insulation. The clothing is adaptable. The cold makes sense in Canada.

Over the last two, almost three years, I’ve been all over the world and been to some amazing places but it astounds me how little people are prepared for the cold. Okay, yes, I know that the hot summer months in southern Italy and Australia last much longer than the winters do so it makes more sense that you fit out your house for that temperature/weather but still you do get cold weather. When I was in Australia, I had an ill-fated interview at a ski resort, this is a town in the mountains where the main function is for people to go and ski. I’m not sure if you know, but skiing requires snow. And it has to be cold for it to snow. All the buildings were so ill equipped for the weather it was laughable. You could see your breath inside and the heating systems were ridiculously inadequate. That said I had just spent that last year in Indonesia where the coldest day I experienced was about 23 and I wore a sweatshirt and socks. So I had in fact lost about 30 degrees over night.

Looking at it now, maybe the problem IS me? I have the Canadian mindset- cold is here to stay, just deal with it- but my body has adapted to warmer tropical climates. I need a radical overhaul of my temperature gauges.

It might be -3 but at least it’s not raining.

Peace Kxx

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