What’s cooking, good looking?

The trials and tribulations of cooking in Italy are starting to stress me out. I can hear collective gasps of horror from the readers. ‘But no…surely Italy has the best food. How could you ever get bored of the food there?’

It’s not so much that I am bored of the food here, in fact I love the food here. I love the pastas and pizzas and the fried rice balls and the seafood but I miss the variety. I really miss Asian food. I miss my sushi and my Pad Thai, and Pho. I miss my Tom Yum soup. It was the same in Asia, I loved the food there but I missed my pasta and pizza. I missed my burgers.

I think this is the curse of a North American or Western European for that matter, that we simply have too much variety available to us in our home countries and we don’t realise how lucky, maybe unlucky we are until that choice is taken away. At home, if I didn’t feel like eating pasta, I’d just make something else. Here (and in Asia), that choice of something else is quite limited ingredient wise. There is one supermarket that I’ve found which has a ‘foreign’ food section and it’s dismal. It’s not even that I particularly want to eat ‘North American’ food but It would be nice to be able to buy peanut butter.

As I said, it’s not that I dislike the food in Italy. The food is incredible. It’s just that I know that there is so much more that we could be eating.

The choice in what I can cook for dinner is also limited because our oven doesn’t work, we don’t have a microwave or slightly better than basic cooking utensils. So it really leaves you open to stove top cooking.



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