Selfish for not procreating?

I’m not a big fan of posting celebrity ‘news’ stories but this one rings true with me. I’m one of the very few people I know who isn’t married and/or has kids. Where I haven’t been overtly pressured to have children or get married but sometimes I can see the ….”Oh…you are moving to Italy…don’t you want to settle down?” .My mom isn’t the crazy, “When are you going to give me grandkids?” lady and my sister is happy with her three and they have cousins on their other side.

I agree with what Aniston says in the article, that I have so many babies and children in my life to love it doesn’t mean that I against babies, I love babies. I just don’t particularly need them in my future. If they happen, fine, I’ll deal with that.  But I don’t pine for babies, I don’t sit and think that I have failed as a woman because I don’t have children….or for that matter failed because at 31 I am not married. But some people do, some people will look at me, an average woman of 31- not married, no kids and think that I have failed in my life. Or that I am very selfish for not craving it or desiring it in my life. Not desiring or wanting to be a mother doesn’t make you less of a woman anymore than not wanting to hunt makes you less of a man. These are things that historically…biologically we should want to do but guess what people are different. Just because you want a brood of 18 children doesn’t mean you are better than me….just because I don’t particularly care one way or another doesn’t mean I am less than you. People have choices.

The marriage thing is different from the children issue. With the way I am happy living my life, it is hard to find someone to compliment that. Not everyone can just pick up and move to a different country at the drop of a hat. I don’t see myself stopping travelling anytime soon so I just have to keep an eye out for my self made millionaire traveling buddy. Does anyone have a number? Hahaha.

Do I want companionship? Sure, yes of course I do. Do I desperately need it? Nope.  Am I less of a person/woman without a man or babies in my life? Fuck no!

If it happens, it happens. I am not really stressed about it.

One thought on “Selfish for not procreating?

  1. Amen.
    I think this is a vestige of the decades, if not centuries of sexist culture norms that we’ve got this woman = motherhood thing going on. It’s nice to have people in the limelight point out that this is not an immutable fact and that we’re no less of a woman if we’re not having a kid every year. I, for one, love being an auntie!

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