Deck the hall with boughs of something….Fa la la la la la la la la


Well I’m back. Hi! Did you miss me? I bet you did. I missed you. Awwwww!!

I’m currently sitting on my bed in Naples listening to Christmas songs. I am trying to reacquaint myself with the traditions after being away from anything normally Christmasy for the last 2 years…longer really. 2014 marks the first time since 2007 that I’v spent Christmas with my mom and family in England. Yep, 7 years with no momma for Christmas. No sister to watch Gone with the Wind, eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate and fall asleep on the sofa with. No step-dad making the best GD dinner that you can wish for. I loved Christmas! LOVED IT!  I was the one who would stand at the top of the stairs at 6am and shout everyone awake….is it bad to mention that I was a teenager while I was doing this? This year will be different as well as there will be babies and a not so baby nephew to help fill the days with laughter. This is the first Christmas that I will spend with my (almost) 3 year old nephew and his brand new baby twin sister and brother. There’s something that makes having kids around to celebrate Christmas with seem so much more special. Not that I am not looking forward to spending time with the adults but L will be so excited and at that age where he will be beginning to understand the meaning of the day and what’s going on.

I need to reacquaint myself with Christmas because as I said before I haven’t really had a ‘traditional’ Christmas in 7 years. After I moved back to Canada; myself and my Canada friend-family made our own Christmas traditions; watching Die Hard and the Christmas episodes of our favourite tv shows, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and eating tacos. TACOS?!?! At Christmas, I can hear you say. Yep, tacos. C is a vegetarian and Y doesn’t like turkey (or something) so we tried to decide on the best thing to eat….TACOS!! We would go all out and buy all the expensive accompaniments; fancy guac, the good sour cream. This was really the best Christmas situation that a girl could wish for. I love these two people with my entire heart. They made me constantly feel loved and welcome at their family dinners and gatherings….even if they don’t really like their families that much.

When I went to Bali, it was hard to imagine what a Christmas in 1) a tropical country 2) a Hindu island in the most populous Islamic country would be like. We decided to be fancy and eat western food…this was a terrible idea. I’ve only got sick from food while travelling twice and this Christmas was one of them. Merry Christmas from the floor of my bathroom!! So this wasn’t exactly the ideal festive scenario. 2012 was a bit of a Yuletide bust.

2013 saw me in Australia but in true Kate fashion, if I can’t have a real Christmas what’s the point? I decided to fly to Thailand on December 25th. Yep, I spent Christmas 2013, in Sydney International Airport and crammed onto a flight next to a guy the size of The Rock on a budget airline. I really know how to treat myself, eh?

After having not very traditional (but still awesome) Christmases and these last two festive bombs, I have become a little lackadaisical with my cheer and spirit. I roll my eyes at people wearing Santa hats, I want to comment sarcastic things on my most Christmasy inclined friend’s Facebook posts. You know who you are!!!

I don’t want to feel this way but Christmas has become such a non-event for me in the past few years. I hope that having a traditional Christmas with my family and seeing the look on L’s face in the morning will snap me out of my festive funk.

Bah Humbug….


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