Adventures in Learning Italian: WORDS

20140924_161825 It might not be the most technically amazing photo but it is quite indicative of my struggles at the moment to learn Italian. I am really finding learning anything more than general vocabulary quite hard and the verb conjugation is driving me nuts. I guess as a language teacher I should really look at it in a practical and methodical way and just do little bits rather than my plan today of going and buying fucking Cosmopolitan magazine.  That said, as my roommate and I found out reading the “Confession” pages are quite useful for learning pieces of unusual language.

With a lot of Latin roots and my vague comprehension of French, understanding the words is not THAT bad. I just need to work on stringing together a sentence.

I need that moment like in the episode of The Simpsons where Bart goes on the exchange to France (The Crepes of Wrath) and the two French farmers have been basically using him for slave labour and poor Bart is trying to get help from a policeman who doesn’t understanding him and the following miracle happens:

Bart reluctantly takes it but is unable to communicate.  ``Je suis desole.''  Bart
 walks away, dejected.
   I'm so stupid.  Anybody could've learned this dumb language by now.
   Here, I've listened to nothing but French for the past |{deux mois,}
                                                          |[two months,]
   {et je ne sais pas un mot.}
   [And I haven't learned a word.]
   {Eh!  Mais, je parle Francais maintenant!}
   [Wait!  I'm talking French now!]
   -- Bart learns French, ``The Crepes of Wrath''

Now, I am not saying that I want to be forced into slave labour to learn Italian but the EUREKA moment would be nice.

Stay tuned.

Peace Kx

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Learning Italian: WORDS

  1. It’s taken me FOREVER to learn Italian (and I’m still learning!)! I started with French too and that’s mostly just confused things and I will never, ever, ever be able to say “lui” without sounding French rather than Italian. I just try to keep reminding myself that it’s a long process. And getting some of my favorite books in Italian helped– reading stuff translated from English makes it easier to follow instead of those Italian sentences that are two pages long! Forza!

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