Home is where the …… is.



I’m back in on not so rainy Vancouver Island after my extended mega trip that took me to 11 different countries and led me to meet amazing people from all over the world.


Now that I am ‘home’, the 3 questions I am getting asked the most are :

1) What was your favourite part?

2) Is it good to be home?

3) What next?


1) How can I possibly answer number one? How can you look back on two years of your life and pick just one favourite moment? After having so many amazing experiences and meeting so many people how can I just pick one? Yes, there are moments that rank above others on the greatness scale, for example meeting some people who I know will always be in my life ranks significantly higher than getting hit by a truck but getting hit by a truck is a better one off story. Haha.

I don’t know if it is a question that non travellers ask travellers to try and get a sense or an small part of something that they can’t imagine. They need that one moment to hold on to that they can use to measure against the rest of the stories that you tell them over the coming months, “She had fun doing this but ……was better”

To me this is an impossible question to answer but I have started thinking up a list of things or events to tell people when they ask so I don’t constantly get the disappointed look of, “Oh”.


2) Yes, it is good to be home. I got asked this question when I returned for a short visit to England to see my family and friends there and I am getting asked it again now that I am back in Victoria. IT’S AMAZING TO BE HOME!! but that small piece of me still wishes that I was out there in the wild green yonder searching out mysterious temples or sunning myself on the beach while drinking $1 beers. When I see my traveling friends photos I get that pang of “What the hell am I doing back here? I should be out there!”

Having returned to Victoria after 2 years away, I don’t know if I was shocked or expecting nothing to REALLY change. Yes, people have grown up a bit more, businesses have closed and opened, new buildings have been built but at it’s heart it is still the same place that I left 2 years ago.  I am working at the same job I was working in 2010 (with the same people), I am dragon boating on the same team as I was before I left in 2012, and I am hanging out with the same friends that I have had for years. My friends are the strangest part of this whole situation because we have back stories. When you are traveling you are constantly meeting new people, you have to introduce yourself over and over again; tell the same few stories over and over again until you kind of know the person. Being at home once you get past the ‘catch up’ stage of the conversation, everything is the same again. There are no introductions, you know these people, sometimes a little bit too well.

And where I am extremely happy to be back and see these wonderful people, I’m the one that has changed. Sometimes I feel I am trying to slot myself back into a life that I am not sure fits me anymore.


3) “So what are you going to do next?” is the last of the big three. I don’t understand why there needs to be a ‘next’, I’m just going to roll with it. I do have plans to go to Morocco, I have a job offer there but something else might come up. Who knows what I will do next? Go to the moon?


Peace Kxx

3 thoughts on “Home is where the …… is.

  1. This is going to be a long comment, sorry in advance (haha that was a stereotypically Canadian thing to say)…I just recently (well last week) got back from a 2.5 year trip overseas too. I’m in Ontario seeing old friends and family, along with some new tiny faces before heading to Van (hopefully island). I know what you are going through. I get the exact questions and know that there is no way I can answer them fully. We change on our travels and only people who travel will ever understand what we change into and why or how. It’s a confusing time when you return, especially after a long period away as people like you or I have had. In that time you don’t just see other ways to live life but you actually live those ways and realize they work for you. Slotting yourself back into this lifestyle isn’t so easy. I for one can’t seem to understand this society anymore; why do people live in such big houses and pay a fortune to keep them warm and lit up?(yes there are other ways) why are people paying more attention chatting on their phone than the person in front of their face? why do people care more about what someone does than how happy they are? I never questioned these things before leaving, it was just the way we lived, but now I can’t stop myself. It’s an alienating place to be within a room full of your closest family members and best friends who’ve known you forever that now don’t understand a thing going through your head. I love the people around me and don’t want to offend anyone by voicing these opinions (and yes this is just my opinion, nothing more) I don’t blame them or think their way of life is wrong, it’s just that I’ve seen and experienced a different way that works better for who I am. I know non-travelers can’t read between my lines on this one and that’s ok, it doesn’t make them less than travelers in any way, it just means the words mean something different to each person. Just like looking out into life from the small things to the large is interpreted differently by each type of person…traveling changes the way we look out forever. Anyways, I just wanted to comment and say you’re not alone and welcome home.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment (and for reading). It is so true and it’s nice to know that other people feel the same way. I’m grateful to be able to come back to such a fantastic group of people and a place that I love but there is always that niggling feeling of ….”Is this it? How can this just be it?”

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