Don’t worry, I’m still around.

Yeeeeessss….I know. Bad blogger, very bad blogger. But nothing really interesting has been happening lately. Working (yawn), hanging out with friends (fun but nothing interesting to blog about), general Sydney stuff. I could write a very interesting post about the veggies I bought at the supermarket the other day.

Upcoming events in my life that might make for a more interesting blogging experience, heading to Thailand in 10 days. Asia is completely full of random randomness. Yeah, I am giving up on Australia. It’s been fun and I have actually really enjoyed my time here but for me I am not getting as much out of being in Australia as I did in Bali. It’s too similar to home. And if I wanted to be in an expensive version of Canada…well I would move back to British Columbia. Haha. Although I suppose BC is marginally cheaper than Australia.

Yeah, so Thailand. My room is in complete disarray, piles of stuff are everywhere but I think I know where most stuff is supposed to go. The biggest change for this trip is that my old backpack finally gave up the ghost. Big Red is out I am afraid. It actually makes me quite sad because I have had it for so long, it has been my home for so long.  I know it’s stupid to get sentimental over a backpack that is falling apart but from my first solo trip to India in 2007 to Australia in 2013, Big Red has been the one constant in my (travelling) life. Oh well, onward and upwards, I have purchased a fancy new pack. One with zips that actually zip AND lock, a day pack (because Big Red lost Little Red somewhere in transit), and seams that are sewn up and probably waterproof. Things are definitely looking up in Backpackland.

The plan for Thailand is fly from Sydney to Phuket on Christmas Day then to slowly work my way up to Chiang Mai by January 27th when I am starting another teaching course. I know it’s an excellent plan. I will figure out more details as time goes on but I hate making plans because then you are always expecting something to happen or disappointed when it doesn’t work out. So No-Plan Kate, that’s me.


Right this is descending into nonsense now. I’ll probably write again from the airport on Christmas Day unless something interesting happens before then. Alright, Peace. x

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