Getting a buzz on in the museum ….SERIOUSLY.

Okay, so I know that I have been kind of slack in the blogging lately, and the honest truth is that I really haven’t done anything that interesting lately. That’s the problem with “settling” down somewhere….or settling down as much as I settle somewhere. I wake up every morning and go to work, at work I teach people English, I come home- BOOOOORRRRIIINGGGG!!!  Occasionally  I go out with friends but that is hardly noteworthy stuff, I refuse to write a blog post about going to the pub, unless something really interesting happened.

BUT!!! I finally did something worth blogging about. On Tuesday I went to the Jurassic Lounge with my friend. The Jurassic Lounge is a weekly event put on at the Australian Museum where each night has a different theme and corresponding activities. I guess natural history museums don’t really draw in the big crowds these days which is actually a shame because there are usually really interesting  things in them.

This weeks theme was “Cowboys” so the activities included a mechanical bull, a shooting range and a Mexicana canteen in addition to the regular exhibits in the museum. OH!!  Did I mention that they were also selling alcohol?! Yes, beer in the museum. I am a self confessed history nerd; I  studied history at university, I read history books in my free time and I have spent time in my fair share of museums but drinking beer while perusing the exhibits definitely enhances the experience and honestly, if more museums served alcohol, I am pretty sure that attendance would be WAAAAYY UPP!!

There was a photo exhibit of prize winning wildlife photos, either I don’t have the “artistic eye” or my tastes are very different than those of the judges of the competition because I thought most of the ‘commended’ photos were much better than the winners. My personal favourites were the picture of a tree growing out of a rock in a lake in Port Renfrew, B.C (about 2 hours outside of Victoria) and a bear that had just killed a moose (unsurprisingly also taken in Canada). Maybe this is telling me something…….????


The rest of the museum was pretty cool too, well apart from the insects section. That was completely unnecessary. Favourite section, hands down, was the dinosaurs section. I freaking love dinosaurs….well I love Jurassic Park and by proxy must love dinosaurs….that makes sense right?


This is an ongoing event so maybe expect more of these posts.

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