The mountains are calling and I must go….

Damn, I am out of date. Sorry guys. I really do apologise. There is no excuse for being 2 months out of date. 


Okay, so I just finished my first week in Sydney and thusly my first week in Australia. It was almost time to leave Sydney for the colder and potentially white peaked climes of the Snowy Mountains. But first I needed to have my one last night out in Sydney, it was supposed to be a quiet night out with my mate but it ended up being a ridiculous event and led me to being the drunkest I had been in a VERY long time. People in Sydney seem to be very generous when they find out you are leaving. I don’t know if this is a personal, “Let’s get this Canadian chick out of here. Buy her drinks” or if they are just really excited that someone is actually leaving Sydney. Whichever option it is, it led to getting A LOT of drinks bought for me and me staggering into a taxi at about 10pm. Apparently not telling my friend that I was leaving, leading her to severely panic considering that my phone had run out of battery as well. 

In the end and having no idea how it happened I managed to get back to the hostel. At some point I remember seeing one of the new girls from my dorm staring horrified at me across the bathroom as I hugged the porcelain for all that it was worth and wished the room would stop doing the cha-cha. 

Cut to what seemed to be 5 minutes later but in reality was probably about an hour or 2 and there is a horrific buzzing next to my head. Who in the name of all that is holy would be calling me at 5am, it was my friend in a panic. She had been calling but as I mentioned before my battery had died and I am quite proud of myself for managing to plug it in in my stupor. And I am actually really glad that she called because I was supposed to be getting a shuttle bus to the airport about 20 minutes after the phone call. 

Needless to say it was the most miserable flight of my life, even though it was only the hour long flight from Sydney to Canberra, where I was due to catch a bus up to the mountains for a job interview/skills assessment day to potentially be a ski instructor at Thredbo. 

I made it to Canberra and it was 1) freezing cold and  2) pouring with rain, neither of which does Canberra any favours. I have been to a lot of cities around the world, and I am pretty sure that Canberra is by far the ugliest city I have ever been too. I do apologize all you Canberrans/Canberraites/Canberros (whatever you are called). I tried to force down a little bit of food but it was a fruitless attempt nothing was going down that wasn’t coming back up. I know, I am classy shit. 

Finally, it was time to get the bus up to the mountains and I wandered out in the rain to the bus stop. For some reason the bus driver needed to see some ID to get on the coach so I pulled out my passport for him to look at. And this was pretty much word for word the response I got in the deepest Scottish brogue this side of Aberdeen :

“OCH. Kate Ramsay Ferguson. That’s a wee bit Scottish isn’t it, lassy? Welcome aboard.”

Now I can only imagine the reaction I would have got if I had a Mc in my name. 

I promptly fell into a fitful sleep; waking occasionally to wipe away the fug on the windows to stare at the increasingly alien Australian landscape. And again the ubiquitous road signs warning drivers to look out for kangaroos , wombats and emus now. Freaking emus! This country is so bizarre. 


The bus came into Thredbo Village and I was greeted with my first sights of the *cough* Australian Alps…..*cough*. Okay, yes, they are better mountains that a lot of places have ….like Saskatchewan or Belgium but as someone who has lived near the Rockies and skied in the actual Alps, these were entertaining. Plus Australia isn’t known for it’s over abundance of snow either. The thermometer was registering a balmy 1c and considering that a little over a week ago I was in 36c. I WAS FUCKING FREEZING. I had just lost 35 degrees in a week. Plus I still had no real winter clothing because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money needlessly in case I didn’t get the instructors job. 

There was a day of hanging out before the skills assessment day, some people decided to go try and go skiing on the minimal snow on the one run that was open, I decided not to waste my money paying $99 for a lift ticket and I went to the local leisure centre with my climbing gear and did a bit of bouldering for a few hours. Man oh man I am out of practice. 

Then came the skills assessment day, keep in mind there are about 50 people there trying out for these instructor jobs. There is one run open, it has been raining for 2 days straight, the minimal snow that was on the hill has melted away into worse than spring skiing slush and is only covering a 1/3 of the run. And they expect to test our skiing abilities on this…..OH! And it is open to the public as well. 

The whole thing was a shambles to be honest. As it turned out in then end, there were only 5 spots open for instructors and as I said before there were 50 people who turned out. It was a HUGE waste of money….well not for Thredbo, they must have made a killing off of it. 

But I got to go to the mountains and it was pretty cool…..see what I did there. COOL!! BWAHAHA. Okay, it’s time to go to bed. 




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