What my year in Bali taught me….


So I am going to start by saying that this might not be my usual ridiculous sarcastic post, but don’t worry I’m not dying merely reflective (OH wait…. never mind- I just sarcasmed). With 36 days left in Bali, I am starting to look back on my year and wanted to share some things that I learned here:

The main thing that Bali taught me is that I am stronger than I ever thought I was. I managed to get through the worst month in my life and I never gave up. The humble Canadian in me is dying a little as I write this- she is saying stop bragging Kate, it wasn’t that bad. People have been through worse.

But my July/August 2012 was pretty awful. I got hit by a truck, my purse was stolen; complete with phone, bank cards, wallet containing a irreplaceable necklace charm that I had for 10 years and wore almost everyday, I spent 3 weeks walking around in almost agonizing pain because the hospitals couldn’t agree what was wrong with my leg, I finally had surgery and then my dog died.

I mean that’s a pretty shitty month, eh? Yes, I was pretty blue, cried a bit and considered giving up and going home but I didn’t because I knew that I would be madder at myself when I got home to Canada than I was upset at that moment. So I put on my big girl pants, sucked it up and things turned around. I might be ridiculously sarcastic and it might not be that obvious but I do try and see the bright side in most things.

Spending a year in Bali has also taught me that I am not a tropical person. I miss my rugged  landscapes and most of all I miss seasons. I think one of the reasons that time seems to have gone so fast is that there was really no change in the days. Everyday was hot and sunny or hot and rainy. I realized that I need change in my days. I miss variety. As my ever wise stepfather said and I think I mentioned in another post – Someone has to hate paradise and apparently it’s you”. 

This leads me into my next lesson – I want to live in British Columbia when I am finished my trip, whenever that is. It is home. It is the place that I love; the place, the people, the attitude. I might not be ready to go home yet but when I am done with the world I know that I have a place to go home to and maybe I will be able to finally settle down and stop wandering.

So this last one isn’t really a lesson but it’s oh so important- in Bali I met some of the most important people that I could ever have in my life. I met people that went through my terrible month with me and helped pull me out of my slump. I met people who made me challenge my ideas of the world and what I thought I was capable of doing. I met people who made me so angry that I wanted to scream and pull out my hair. But without them I couldn’t have had the best year of my life and probably wouldn’t have had the want and desire to carry on with my adventure.

Oh jeez- Radiohead just came on my music player. I might start bawling soon. This was quite emotional to write and if any of my friends read this you know how much I love expressing my true emotions. So you guys are lucky – I managed to be pretty un-jokey and sarcastic in that post.

To someone else these might seem like pretty average things to learn about yourself but for me this year has helped me figure out who I am and what I want to get out of this crazy old life of mine.

Thanks for coming on that journey with me and let’s get ready for the next chapter.

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