No, I do not know your Aunt Jan from Saskatoon……..oh actually maybe I do…


Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a student and they told me that they like Canadians a lot better than they like Americans. I asked them how many Canadians and how many Americans they know and they said one of each. And I got thinking is this a Canadian versus American thing or a personality thing?

I can hear you saying, ‘What’s your point? Do you even have one?” Well, yes. I do have a point, all be it in a round about way from where I initially started off. I think that travelling has made me more Canadian than I was in Canada. This is a shocking statement from someone  whose roommate once called her the ‘most Canadian Canadian” she knew. Thanks T.

Yes, I am a very patriotic Canadian, I love Canada but I think that being away from Canada has added some extra fervour to my patriotism. And I think that the main point in this extra zeal is so I am not confused for an American. Sorry Yanks, who are reading this but as a whole you generally aren’t well regarded around the world. Don’t get me wrong, singularly most Americans are fine and actually the ones who I meet travelling are even better because they usually know what is happening in the non-US centric world or at least have experienced life outside the US.

ummmm…now I lost my train of thought…..RIGHT CANADIAN!

While being in Bali, I have met 6 Canadians in Bali, 3 were from Vancouver Island, 2 from Vancouver and one from Regina (but she doesn’t count – Pffft Regina), and all the ones from BC know someone I know from home.  For years I have been arguing that not all Canadians know each other and that is a stupid stereotype but I guess stereotypes are there for a reason, eh?

That’s a second point, my over use of ‘eh’, either I have never noticed how much I actually used the word ‘eh’ before or I have started using it profusely while travelling. I went out for the other night with two American friends – See I like you guys– and one of them freaked out when I said, “No kidding, eh?” or something to that effect but there was definitely an EH in the sentence.

I check at least 3 Canadian newspapers every morning when I come into work, this is something that I never did at home. I usually relied on the 5 minute news break on the local rock radio station for my worldly updates, then doing some further research if something peaked my interest. And now I find myself being interested in Canadian news stories that I normally wouldn’t have really given a shit about when I lived in Canada. Too bad I have no one to discuss then with. All the Canadians at work seemed to have disappeared- maybe I missed a memo.

And it wouldn’t be an post about being Canadian if I didn’t mention hockey. If you follow my blog you have probably noticed the Vancouver Canucks posts, if you don’t prepared to be shocked, I LOVE hockey.  So this is not a new occurrence while being abroad but my trying to push my hockey love on people from other countries who have never even seen ice, snow, or toothless men with sticks is, kind of. I took my Australian friend to the pub with me one time to watch a hockey game and she left halfway through. And I still for the life of me understand why she was bored. I try and tell people ‘the news’ and they all look at my like I am crazy.

I guess this has turned into more of a Canadian stereotypes are true blog post than anything else. Please don’t hate me it’s 7am. My brain doesn’t work right now. I’ll have something better to say later

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