Oh brother where art thou – Part 3

Sorry about the multi part story but I usually only have about 40 mins to write a blog post a day, when some negligent student doesn’t show up for class.



I had the next 4 days off work so this meant that we had enough time to actually go and do some exciting things. On Tuesday we did a day trip to Nusa Lembongan, Lembongan is one of 3 islands that are off the south east coast of Bali (I just NEVER EAT SHREDDED WHEAT that btw), that are kind of like what I have heard Bali was like about 20 years ago. About an hour before the boats leave Sanur is when the ticket touts get down to business trying to get sales- you are promised everything from the best tour, best snorkeling, best guide, best diving if only you just go with them. We decided to take advantage of the whole day and did snorkeling and trip around the mangrove forest. Before we got on the boat we were  given a sticker with our party’s name and what package we were doing, we were supposed to put these on so the person on the other end, in Lembongan knew who we were and where we were supposed to go. We didn’t! Ferguson’s like to live on the edge. 


After the 30 minute boat ride, they were backing the boat into the harbour in Lembongan and there was a sign on the beach for “Chard Pengerson” (My bro’s name is Chad Ferguson), so for Bali standards they almost got it right. I usually get called “Keith” so I think Chard is a big step forward. We assumed that Chard Pengerson was us and followed the lady to the office so get flippers and snorkeling gear. Then we had to wait for her ‘friend’ to come to take us out snorkeling. After about 20 minutes of sitting around and staring at the ‘friend’ who we were waiting for we were ready to go. 

One of the good things about doing activities off season is that you usually are the only person doing the thing- at least with your guide. We had the whole boat to ourselves and the boat driver dropped us off away from the crowds snorkeling a certain section of the reef. Before we jumped over the side he assured us the the current was really strong so he would just let the boat drift so we wouldn’t have to swim back and he would just pick us up when our time was up. Man, am I glad this was the agreement. I have never experience a current as strong as this. At one point I tried to hang on to a rope that was attached to a post in the seabed and I could barely hang on to it. The snorkeling sights were better in the Gilis but Lembongan was still pretty good. We got to see some cool fish. After about an hour our time was us and it was time for our mangrove tour. If you are not sure about what a mangrove is, let Wikipedia tell you: 

Mangroves are various types of trees up to medium height and shrubs that grow in saline coastal sediment habitats in the tropics and subtropics – mainly between latitudes 25° N and 25° S.

Thanks Wikipedia. You are a champ. 

It wasn’t the most exciting tour but it was nice to sit on the boat and have a relaxing ride. Without all the traffic pollution and the burning garbage, the air in Lembongan smells amazing. It’s a crazy thing to say but it smells so good there. 

We also had lunch included in the package price so it meant a choice between Nasi Goreng  (Fried Rice) or Mie Goreng (Fried Noodles), these are the two choices EVERYWHERE in Bali. Nasi or Mie? Mie or Nasi?? We had lunch and a beer and were about to have another but the guide said time was up, as he hungrily eyed the waves that were picking up out in the water.  As soon as we had set our feet back on the beach in town, he had already grabbed his surfboard and had the boat heading out to sea…Yeah, sure buddy, time is up.

Oh well, this meant that we could have a few more beers and time to talk to a couple from Manchester before getting on the boat back to the kind of mainland? Does a slightly larger island count as mainland?? Hmmm….

When we got back to Sanur, Chad decided that he was going to go have a massage and I wanted to stay and revel in the air conditioning and watch satellite tv. I do believe that I might have got too much sun that day as I was in the bed under the covers wearing a sweatshirt and still freezing. Oh Bali 🙂 But it was nice just to chill out for a while because the next 2 days were the big ones ……DUH DUH DUUUUUH… 


Stay tuned for Part 4 of “Oh brother where art thou” for the thrilling conclusion of our tale ……




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