Oh brother where art thou – part 2

So here is the long awaited second part about my brother’s visit. 


Chad got here and only had 10 days to experience everything Bali – (I’ve been here for a year and I still haven’t seen everything that I’ve wanted to in Bali) so I knew that I really had to prioritize especially around my work schedule. Due to the surprise of him booking the flight I could only manage to get 2 days off work plus my regular weekend. Those 4 days were going to be the bulk of our adventure days. After a few arduous days at work finally on Monday afternoon I was free! And we were on adventure one, adventure one required renting my brother a motor bike, just to experience the ‘real’ Bali. I have a ‘friend’ who rents motor bikes -which actually means some guy who owns a restaurant I used to eat rents motorbikes and I was promised to a good deal if I ever needed a bike. Sadly, the good deal never materialized and we were given the same deal as everyone else. If you can’t trust creepy restaurant owners who can you trust?? 

I wish I had taken a photo for you of my 6ft4 brother on this tiny little scooter but alas I am stupid and didn’t take my camera and I had other things on my mind like how to get to Tanah Lot. I had only been there once about a year ago when I first got to Bali and someone else drove me out there. I knew the vague direction to go so I figured that was a good start, unfortunately I think that the way I know to do is the REALLY long way to go so it took like twice as long as it should have. After a few stops and asking directions we made it to Tanah Lot. 

Tanah Lot is one of the water temples in Bali. There are a few of them in Bali (I should really know more about them by now but I really don’t-shame on me), and Tanah Lot in my opinion is by far the prettiest. It’s built on a rock that means it’s pretty much un-accessible at high tide. Of course there are throngs of tourists and in Bali where there are throngs of tourists there are throngs of vendors. Nothing like going to a temple and having people trying to sell you paintings of naked ladies or a sarong with Bob Marley smoking a joint on it. Very holy! 

But once you push past them all, you are rewarded with this : 



After a few hours, many photographs and me nervously staring at the grey clouds rolling in we decided to move on to find some dinner. The first time that I was taken to Tanah Lot my friends took me to a restaurant that does a fish barbecue on the beach. We got slightly lost again as I was going on year old visual memories but after a lovely drive around the Balinese countryside we finally made it. This was one of those meals that made my brother’s Canadian dollar smile, a seafood platter for one that would cost at least $25 at home was the low low price of $6.50. 

Thankfully we missed the rain but we did not miss the driving home in the end of rush hour in the dark or the getting pulled over by the cops who made us drive down a dark alley for a “routine check”, which I promptly reminded them if they were actually having a routine check that they should have had an official roadblock with about six other officers and actually be stopping everyone not just 2 white people that they saw driving down the road. The looked really shocked when I told them that I worked but had realized that they had gone to far to stop the shake down until someone started driving down the road towards us. Those 2 were on their bikes faster than something that is really fast and gone. Apparently trying to shake down tourists for money is illegal…..shocking I know. 

Right that’s it for now. I have had a lot of classes today and don’t have enough time to write about the next part today. 

PEACE homies. xx


One thought on “Oh brother where art thou – part 2

  1. Wow! you went to a water temple? That looks incredible! I didn’t realize it would be so easy to access….also making me realize how much I really underestimate globalization … I am glad your brother went to visit you!! That must have been very nice 🙂

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