Poop: Or the most useless blog post ever

So I forgot my notes from my bro’s vacation in Bali at home so unfortunately I can’t write post about it just yet, yeah yeah I suck. But today I am going to write about the most important issue to any traveler, something that takes over your life and daily conversations- POOP. 


Yep, I am going to write a whole blog post on poop. I can already see most of you shaking your head and closing the page, sorry but there is truth to this. 


I was at work today and a friend asked the girl who sits next to me if she was feeling better and what the symptoms were. She started to describe some symptoms that I had been feeling lately so I piped up to ask her some questions about how she was feeling to see if it was maybe the same thing. This started a 10 minute conversation about ‘bathroom habits’ with a girl I only know enough to awkwardly smile and say Hi to.

And it got me thinking about how open travelling makes you about poop, vomit and all other fluids that come out of your body. But it’s true though, you go travelling and you feel a little bit sick or very sick and you want to know if its a bug or just something that hit your stomach a little bit funny. My fascination with talking about poor started when I was living in India for 4 months and had a really bad cough so I went to the doctor and was asked for a stool sample – FOR A COUGH. Better still, my roommate at the time twisted her ankle tripping over a pothole and went to the doctor and they asked for a stool sample. So obviously we found this very funny and began talking about the ridiculousness of taking stool samples for non-gastrointestinal issues and thus broke down the walls as poop as a no-go conversational topic. 

Here in Bali, we have ‘Bali Belly’ -which is the same as Delhi Belly, Montezuma’s Revenge or any other regional variations. Bali Belly is a general topic of conversation at the office, recounting the horrible times you spent on the toilet or hoping that you could simply make it there on time. I have frequent conversations about poop with friends while out eating dinner or at a bar. Maybe I have been out of the ‘real world’ too long but I remember poop being a taboo dinner conversation topic in Canada. 


Is it just me? Do I need to work on my conversational boundaries? Or does international travel break down the taboos and make the awkward topics less awkward? 




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