Oh Brother, where art thou? Part 1

As promised, I am back and writing random stuff again. I have had an excellent 10 days with my brother but unfortunately all good things must come to an end and he has to go back to Canada tonight. SIGH!

I’m going to write a few posts about what happened in the last 10 days because I don’t want to get to a TL;DR situation.


Chad got into Bali at midnight so I wasn’t going to get to see him until the next day after work, and as everyone knows sitting at work waiting for it to end constantly watching the clock and counting the seconds REALLY doesn’t make the day go faster. So after the longest day ever finally I was released from my prison and I don’t think that have ever driven that fast in Bali before. Ha. But I made it from work to the hotel in about 5 minutes cutting off about 7 minutes from my usual drive. 

Earlier that day I had a rare and very expensive text from my brother telling me that he had changed to a new hotel a little further along the beach, apparently his 41 year old mentality is not suited for the backpacking style accommodation I booked him into and after a night sleeping on his clothes so he didn’t have to touch the sheets with his body, he decided to change hotels. Now you might ask, “Why didn’t you book your brother into this nicer hotel, Kate?”, the answer for this is mostly that my sense of affordability and money has changed dramatically in the past year and I usually snort with derision when I see the prices at the restaurant in this hotel. I’m sorry but to me now, $8 is too much to pay for food. 


But he moved into this hotel and after a slight snafu with them double booking his room, Chad ended up with the honeymoon suite. Now the honeymoon suite is a small villa with a private pool, air conditioning and satellite tv. These are all things I have been without for the past year and needless to say I spent a lot of time wrapped up in a blanket on the bed watching TV. 

Where other people come to Bali to relax on the beach and chill out in the sun for their holidays, that is everyday life for me. Tough I know. So getting to sit in AC and watch TV for a few hours was totally exciting. It was amazing. OH!! Also his hotel room had hot water and unless you have experienced a year of cold water showers you have no idea how amazing hot water feels. Even if you have to turn it down to slightly lukewarm. 

I mentioned expensive food before; to me earning ‘local’ wage the food at restaurants here is usually crazy expensive but to my brother coming to visit from Canada where taking a family of 4 out costs almost $100, paying $4 for a main meal or $6.50 for a seafood platter is amazing value for money. Okay, I am not going to go over all the food that we ate over the last 10 day but let me just say, I am not sure that my stomach will enjoy going back to my cost effective diet of rice and veggies. 

This was just a “Hi, I’m back” opening part 1 post. The next ones will be about actual things we did and might even have pictures when I get my internet going at home again. 






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