My new tat

photoMy new tat

I’m back baby but my bro is still here so it seems stupid to write a blog post about his trip until he is finished the trip.
So here is a pic of my new tattoo. It is the longitude and latitude of where I am living in Bali. (Please don’t come and stalk me or rob my house).
This is going to be an on going project of adding LATS/LONGS of significant places that I visit on this trip and after.

I only have one concern, do I add places that I have already been that I find significant or do I start afresh? Well I guess it’s too late to decide that…..hahhaahha, But I COULD put some other places above my elbow. Oh tattoo decisions, how I love you.

Ok, so I promise that I will have a real blog post soon.

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