Don’t poke a hangry Kate

So I know he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he pulled me over but I strongly doubt the policeman expected the blonde girl in the white and plaid dress to start yelling at him. Seriously! I had 2 hours of sleep, was super hangry (hungry-angry) and he pulled me over for going through a red light when I was already through the light when it turned red. I might have yelled at him until he got fed up and he realized that he wasn’t going to get any money from me and let me go.

The way the police system works here is ….well they are there out in force on the street but only seem to get to work when a white person drives past on a motor bike. I know that’s the way it works in a lot of other places too so Bali isn’t special but it seriously gets old REALLY REALLY fast. Like for a tourist it all just seems funny, “Oh yeah when I got pulled over by a cop in Bali…I bribed him….” but when you live here and every time you drive somewhere and see a police bike pulling up behind you, your heart sinks a little bit until he drives past. Those unlucky times you see the yellow “Polisi” security vests pull up next to you and the arm waves “slow down” in your face, it really makes me angry- evidently.

This might be a case of poor little white girl but I have never been so discriminated against anywhere else in the world as I have been in Bali. From walking down the street and having the chorus of “Hello honey. Oh you so sexy!”, to “You look my shop. You want massage?” to the cops pulling you over for NO REASON. And yes, I know people are just trying to make a living etc. Even to the point where my Indonesian friend (who now lives in Canada) came to visit and we ordered the same thing 5 minutes apart and he was charged less than half of what I was and he makes WAAAAAAY more money than I do

I guess I don’t mean discriminated like separate drinking fountains or sitting at the back of the bus but ‘You are white. You have money” and it’s like “Dude, you are sorely mistaken. I live here and make Indonesian wages.”. I feel like I have chosen to live and work in your country, on your island. I am teaching your children and this is the way that I get treated. I know that just from looking at me, I look like another tourist but I go to the local markets and warungs and try and speak Indonesian when ordering and I just get laughed at. So I ask you what is the point??

Okay, I am finished my rant now and I am going to go eat dinner and maybe I will be less hangry. Haha. I should have a new rule: No blogging when hungry.


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