Fry, the jungle cat

Right, so here goes. Real post number 1. No more updates or links to old blogs. 


I am currently sitting at my desk at work at 7:21am  and my student has not shown up. I love mornings like this. It makes the morning so much better plus with my brand new spanking blog I have something to do rather than just scroll through Pinterest. 

So far I’ve been updating about day to day (or almost day to day life) but that gets boring after awhile. So I will blog about my cat instead. HAHAHAHA- suckers. I can see you all exiting the site now. 


I got my cat in a very round about way- one of my friends cats had kittens and another friend decided that she wanted one of the kittens- long story short the second owner realized that she was allergic to the kitten and very kindly gave him to me. Now, I am going to add at this time I hadn’t expressed any wish for a cat. To be perfectly honest I haven’t had very good luck with pets in Bali as my dog was accidentally run over by my friend. So I was slightly apprehensive about claiming ownership over another living thing. Plus I had already decided that  I was leaving Bali in about 5 months at that point. But me being me and sometimes unable to say ‘No’ to adorable male creatures, got the cat. 


First of all, S hadn’t decided on a name for the cat- she was stuck between Mr. Meowgi and Chairman Meow. Those had to go. When he got to my house, he was Fry, the tiny orange jungle cat. There is actually a funny thing about cats in Bali and most of them have short tails. I don’t mean nice, neat short tails like a lynx, these things look like someone has just lobbed them off willy-nilly or they have been run over by something. Apparently one of the most commonly asked questions here is “What’s the deal with the cats tails?”. After thinking very badly of Balinese people for quite awhile I found out it is a genetic thing- look it up. There are short tailed cats here. Fry is one of these cats. He has this tiny little nub of a tail that tries to act like a real tail but really doesn’t help at all. He has terrible balance and this opens up unintentionally hilarious situations.  I am a terrible cat mama. 


As I have said in previous posts I am leaving Bali in June but fear not faithful reader, Fry has an excellent cat daddy to go to. My friend’s boyfriend is taking Fry when I leave and I don’t think that I could pick a better guy or a better place for Fry to live because there will be no dogs constantly harassing him.  (The street dogs will be another post later). Poor little guy has to be under constant supervision to make sure that the dogs that live at our house don’t eat him. Unfortunately this constant vigilance has come due to previous experience of the dogs ripping apart my neighbour’s kitten, another reason why I didn’t really want Fry in the first place. 


Alright well that’s enough about my cat. Hahaha sorry about that it was the best thing that I could think of this morning but no I have to teach another class. 



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